From a television broadcast on Fox 6 in Birmingham

This video linked above is one of the most popular on my Alabama website, so I am sharing it on the Georgia website.

I get more than a few calls from people who downloaded some will or power of attorney forms from an internet site, but became nervous about actually signing them. One caller was trying to draft a TRUST from an internet form!

You should be nervous about signing an internet form! If you need to move an 18-wheel truck, most of you would… hire a licensed driver. Likewise, if you estate plan consists of a “8-wheeled” will towing most of your property, you should likely hire a licensed _____________________.

Of course, I know someone is out there, afraid to call me because I might send a big bill for the call. Let me put it this way: I can tell within 10 minutes or less on the phone whether I can actually help someone. I have no desire to engage a client I cannot help; in that case, I try to send you to someone who can help you. If I can help, we can talk about the terms of the representation. I don’t charge for an initial phone call.