“They gave up their tomorrows so that you could enjoy today.”

When I was small, I would ask my father questions about his Army uniform.  Each medal and ribbon had a story.  I was fascinated, and history remains my favorite subject of reading and conversation.

When I got older, Dad would tell me of a good reconnaissance sergeant he had served with in Korea named Donald R. Moyer.  Sgt. Moyer was from Michigan and loved to hunt, and he had a keen nose for trouble ahead, something much desired in a reconnaissance sergeant.

Not long after Dad was rotated out of Korea in 1951, Sgt. Moyer led an assault on a well-defended hill near Seoul.  Through heavy fire he led his platoon to the top of the hill.  Before they could rest, a Chinese soldier hurled a grenade amidst Sgt. Moyer’s men.  Sgt. Moyer jumped on the grenade and absorbed the blast with his own body, thereby saving several comrades from injury or death.

For this gallantry, Sgt. Moyer was awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor.

So on this day we celebrate freedom with pleasurable family activities, and we remember “those who gave up all of their tomorrows so that we could enjoy today.”