There is no short way to summarize the death of Casey Kasem and the subsequent estate wars.  Everyone my age remembers him as the host of American Top Forty and as the voice of numerous cartoon characters.  His wife of thirty years lost control over his care late in his life, and he died in Washington State, which is a long way from his home in Los Angeles.  His children by his first marriage traded accusations of abuse with their stepmother.

Casey, for his part, bought matching life insurance policies- $2 million for his second wife and $2 million to be divided among his four children.  No one was prosecuted, despite the mud slung, and probably no one is happy, which is the usual result of civil war.

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Brit dies in Saudi Arabia, and his family finds his estate in “no man’s land.” The Saudis have no incentive to release his assets to foreigners, and the British bureaucracy… reminds me of those sorts on Monty Python.  More here.

And two California nightmares:

Divorced fellow failed to change the beneficiary on his pension funds from his ex-spouse to his children, so the ex ended up with the funds.

And- Business owner failed to provide for the smooth transfer of his business through a succession plan (which often uses a trust to avoid the probate court), and the business was tied up in licensing and probate issues while no one could really take charge of it.

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