jbg & adg 1993 cropped

My mother was memorable not just to me, but to just about everyone who ever met her.  She always had daring and audacity, and if you thought you had her figured out, she would surprise you once again.

Mom was always doing things at the last minute, but years ago she, in a moment of inspiration, prepaid her funeral plan.

So there we were at the funeral home on the day she died, learning the details of those plans. The director told us that she had prepaid the motorcycle escort for the procession to the cemetery.  

My first thought was that the motorcycle escort was a waste of money, but a few days later we left the church close behind a hearse with a long line of cars behind us, including family and friends from out of town.

The motorcycle cops had their strobe lights on as they danced a choreographed rotation in a moving procession. One motorcycle cop was in the lead. One was holding up traffic in the intersection.And one was driving up to the next intersection to prepare to stop the crossing traffic.

Not a car in the procession was lost. Mom, always a princess, got royal treatment as she went to her rest.  It was the last time that all of Grandmother’s grandchildren would gather in one place (at least on this side of the Jordan), and it would have been dreadful if a car full of cousins had lost its way to the cemetery.

I tell you this story because sometimes a little thing that appears to be an extravagance turns out to be a necessity.

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