Governor Brian Kemp by executive order in effect until the end of the current Coronavirus emergency, video-teleconferencing is now permitted for the witnessing and notarization of signatures on Georgia legal documents such as WILLS, POWERS OF ATTORNEY, HEALTHCARE POWERS OF ATTORNEY, DEEDS, and TRUSTS. So, if the Coronavirus Lockdown has reminded you that life is short and an Estate Plan for your family is needed, Governor Kemp has just made it easier for you to complete your Estate Plan now than it will be in the future. When the Public Health State of Emergency is ended, you will have to go to your lawyer’s office to sign your Estate Plan documents in front of the notary public and witnesses. Right now, you can sign documents in front of an iPhone, iPad, laptop, computer, video camera, or whatnot and have me, a notary public, and witnesses watch you sign from some place else. In other words, we can confer by phone or video meeting, assess your risks and needs for your Estate Plan, prepare proper documents, send them to you for review, and have you sign in front of a video camera while being watched by a notary public and witnesses.

James B. Griffin is an attorney licensed in Georgia and Alabama. 404-239-2661