Johnson Square, Savannah, GA

I know lots of people who own second homes.  Some are “snow birds” who migrate annually north and south.  Some have weekend getaways. Once thing is almost for sure, if you have more than one child, there will be different levels of attachment in them for your vacation home.  One might love all things “beach,” and the other might prefer mountains and ski slopes.

Estate planning is a creative process to make complex things more simple, and in some cases, very simple. Your estate plan should take careful consideration about the vacation home.

One way to handle such a second home is to put it into a trust.  You and your spouse would enjoy it for life, and your children, without knocking on the door of a probate door, would inherit the vacation home (and perhaps other properties) in whatever shares you assign.

But there are all kinds of ways to plan for the transfer of your vacation home to the person or persons who would enjoy it the most.