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There is a good chance you have heard this beautiful piece, unique as it is to have only two words, “Ave Maria.”  It does not contain the full prayer from Luke 1, sometimes called the “Angelic Salutation” or the “Hail Mary.”  It is on Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas CD, so there are thousands of copies out

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Yes, there is at least one probate, estate, and trust lawyer in Georgia and Alabama who is a Knight of Columbus. Several friends over the years have invited me to become a Knight of Columbus.  I delayed because I was involved in lots of other things until two things happened: (1) My good friend in

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“They gave up their tomorrows so that you could enjoy today.” When I was small, I would ask my father questions about his Army uniform.  Each medal and ribbon had a story.  I was fascinated, and history remains my favorite subject of reading and conversation. When I got older, Dad would tell me of a

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  I was interviewed by Business Authority Radio in Atlanta and share lots about estate planning and business succession planning. Listen to this interview:

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My mother was memorable not just to me, but to just about everyone who ever met her.  She always had daring and audacity, and if you thought you had her figured out, she would surprise you once again. Mom was always doing things at the last minute, but years ago she, in a moment of

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12 Ugly Mistakes cover

In Forrest Gump, Lt. Dan Taylor gave his simple orders: “Keep your feet dry, and don’t do anything stupid!”  These orders apply to estate planning as well as combat, and I have written a 20-page white paper about how to keep your family out of trouble. The video was shot in my office in Atlanta near

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There is no short way to summarize the death of Casey Kasem and the subsequent estate wars.  Everyone my age remembers him as the host of American Top Forty and as the voice of numerous cartoon characters.  His wife of thirty years lost control over his care late in his life, and he died in Washington

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  I was interviewed on Atlanta Legal Experts Radio on December 29, 2015. Listen to the interview:


We are at 3355 Lenox Road- Suite 750, which is across from Lenox Mall and just up the street from Houston’s Restaurant and the Lenox MARTA Station.  As many of you know, Theresa grew up in Covington, GA, attended the University of Georgia, and lived in Atlanta for several years.  Theresa and I met and

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Accept your situation exactly as it is: Your parents’ property is “in limbo.” Somebody is going to have sort through their personal papers and try to figure out what property they owned, what debts they had, and how this property should be distributed. Someone, probably you, will likely need to file a petition to be

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