12 Ugly Mistakes cover

In Forrest Gump, Lt. Dan Taylor gave his simple orders: “Keep your feet dry, and don’t do anything stupid!”  These orders apply to estate planning as well as combat, and I have written a 20-page white paper about how to keep your family out of trouble.

The video was shot in my office in Atlanta near Lenox Mall.

Also in the background is the Atlanta Financial Center, where I first started practicing law.  Some of the estate-planning mistakes include:

Failure to plan for the reemergence of old family conflicts;

Failure to set up a trust to take care of the most vulnerable heirs;

Failure to appoint the most dependable and trustworthy people to be executors, trustees, etc.; and

Failure to see the “big picture” of estate planning as a comprehensive process, not merely a checklist of things to draft and sign.

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